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А для тех кому больше нравится старый дизайн мы оставили все как было тут

Не бывает плохих продуктов - бывают недостаточно голодные туристы


October 18, 2007


Photo Exhibit - Friday, October 26th, 7pm, Boston

Misha Tselman Dear friends, I'd like to invite you to an opening reception for a photo exhibit at Out Of The Blue Gallery, 106 Prospect Street, Cambridge, MA 02139. The opening is at 7pm on Friday, October 26th. The >>

January 09, 2007


What could it be - make your guess

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February 05, 2006


Note 19 - Myanmar

Dear Friends, After a brief stop in Bangkok for the New Year night, I arrive to Yangon (Rangoon) the capital of Myanmar (Burma). I share a cab ride from the airport with a Norwegian. He talks only about his multiple >>

January 01, 2006


Note 18 - Still in Nepal

Dear Friends, I did not expect to be writing this message from Nepal. By this time I should have been enjoying the warmth and the sites of Myanmar, formerly known as Burma(Birma). But troubles with documents altered my schedules. My >>

December 04, 2005


Note 17 - Nepal, Kathmandu, Annapurna, Everest

Dear Friends, I was sitting in a little chai shop in Haridwar, observing the dirt and the cockroaches on the walls, and inhaling the smells of the nearby train station, and if you've ever been to India, you know what >>

October 17, 2005


Note 16 - Back in Rishikesh

Dear Friends! My last Note (15) came out right on the day when the terrible, devastating earthquake hit the areas near the India-Pakistan border, very close to Kashmir, which I visited just over a week before the earthquake hit. Many >>

October 08, 2005


Note 15 :: India: Ladakh-Kashmir-Dharamsala

Dear Friends! Only 4 weeks passed since I was sitting on a grass lawn in Ladakh listening to Dalai Lama's lectures, but it feels like many months have passed since that time. I will try to recollect all the interesting >>

September 03, 2005


Note 14: Back in India - Ladakh

From: "Michael Tselman" Dear Friends! I have not been writing for 3 months and I feel like I took a summer vacation off writing. First of all, for those who are new to these Notes, or want to see the >>

August 23, 2005


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Note 14 and futher - read here Tue, 31 May 2005 07:24:32 -0700 (PDT) Note 13 - India Dear friends, I'm sitting in the airport in Delhi and typing my last note from India (at least the last Note of >>