General info:
  ▪ Model:  Canon PowerShot A80
  ▪ Make:  Canon
Basic shot info:
  ▪ Focal Length:  7.812 mm (35mm equivalent: 38mm)
  ▪ Aperture Value:  F2.8
  ▪ Flash:  Flash did not fire, auto mode
  ▪ Metering Mode:  Multi-segment
  ▪ Shutter Speed Value:  1/32 sec
Advanced shot info:
  ▪ Exposure Bias Value:  0
  ▪ Exposure Time:  1/60 sec
  ▪ Max Aperture Value:  F2.8
Exif-related info:
  ▪ Date/Time:  2005:04:03 18:31:36
  ▪ Exif Image Width:  1704 pixels
  ▪ Exif Image Height:  2272 pixels
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Taking time to enjoy the view

Next slide: img_1107 * Final touch - pulling down the rappel.
April 03, 2005 - 06:31 PM
Final touch - pulling down the rappel.

All done. The dead branch lies under the tree
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