This is a reference page which contains a large amount of links to all kinds of online stores. I did my best to check all the links, but some of them are really slow, some of them might change over time. I also included my own comments, but my experience with online stores is very limited.
List of major gear manufacturers can be accessed right here

Any comments, suggestions, stores I don't have here, your experience with any of the places below - PLEASE drop me a line and I will be glad to include this info on this page. I believe that any feedback will benefit your fellow climbers who will be using this reference page in the future.
Thanks for visiting this page, I.T.

Let's start with some large (I should say huge) online stores which sell pretty much everything related to outdoor activities

  • REI - They sell everything!
  • REI Outlet - Leftovers, old models from REI. They sometimes have real bargains.
  • Barrabes - European online store. Very nice prices, usually smaller than US prices, but do not forget shipping. Definitely take a look.
  • Sport Extreme - Another European store. Climbing, diving, water-sports. Limited selection, nice prices. Take a look.
  • L. L. Bean - General hiking, Backpacking.
  • Northern Mountain Supply Outdoor Equipment - Backpacking, Climbing, Hiking, Mountaineering.
  • Mountain Gear - Self-explanatory. Very good selection and prices.
  • EMS - They also sell everything, or trying to.
  • Adventure Gear - Camping and Climbing store.
  • Campmor - Backpacking, Climbing, Hiking and more. Very reasonable prices, if they have it.
  • The Outdoor - Large outdoor store with Climbing, Backpacking sections.
  • Fogdog Sports - Huge sport store with outdoors section.
  • Planet Outdoors - Large online store.
  • Us Outdoor Store - Large online store, no climbing gear.
  • Dick's Sporting Goods - Huge store. Camping, Hiking sections.
  • Sierra Trading Post - Seconds and Closeouts, Large discounts, if they have it.
  • MountainZone Marketplace - Looks like a large store with Backpacking, Climbing, Biking, Skiing sections.
  • GearPro - Another large store with Backpacking, Hiking, Climbing, Watersports sections.
  • Sporting Goods - All-sport online clearance store with climbing, hiking sections (under Outdoor Shop); Check it out - you may find something you need at a very low price
  • {New} American Wilderness Gear - Backpacking/hiking online store with small climbing section.
  • {New} Marmot Mountain Works - Skiing, Climbing, Camping
  • {New} Up and Under - UK Online Store, Camping Climbing, Pretty Much Everything. Prices Comparable to US
  • ALTREC - A large general outdoor store with Climbing, Camping, Watersports sections.

    Smaller Stores, Specialized Stores, Stores I do not know well

  • Climbers Choice International - Mostly rock and ice climbing store with some clothes, tents, etc.
  • Mountain Magic Equipment; - Ice climbing, cross country skiing. This is a Canadian company, so DO NOT FORGET TO CONVERT THE PRICES!!
  • Outdoor Gear Exchange - Backpacking, Climbing, Mountaineering and Camping. Closeouts, used, seconds, and consigned gear 20-50% off retail.
  • Sierra Nevada Adventure Company - Large Store with Camping, Water Sports sections.
  • Shoreline - Rather small store where you can order a free catalog. They also have some online specials.
  • MOAB Climbing Shop - Another small rock and ice climbing store.
  • Mountain Sports Adventure School - Rock + Ice climbing school (NJ) and online store. Looks like a reasonable selection and prices.
  • Fish Products Online - Mostly rock climbing.
  • Backcountry Gear - Mostly hiking and camping.
  • Ushba Mountain Works - Mostly Rock and Ice climbing. Russian-made titanium gear, including Trotsky commemorative ice axe.
  • Inner Mountain Outfitters - Camping, Hiking and some Climbing gear.
  • Sunrise Mtn Sports - Camping. backpacking. Not Much there yet, but you can order a catalog.
  • Second Bounce - Camping, Climbing. Very little there.
  • Blackdome - Climbing, Mountaineering. I am having trouble with this place - too slow.
  • Sierra Outfitters - Very little there. Basically some specials and that's it.
  • Mountain Tools - Online store with some weekly specials.
  • Mountain Equipment Co-op - Company and Store. Backpacking, Camping. Have to Become a Member, $5
  • Adventure Doodads - Online Store with hiking, climbing and clearance sections.
  • A Happy Camper - Hiking, Camping.
  • Buychoice - Mailorder, mostly rock climbing.
  • Caribou - Manufacturer of outdoor equipment, specializing in back packs, sleeping bags, travel packs and accessories. Online sales.
  • Granite Gear - Backpacking, free catalog.
  • Backcountry Experience - Backpacking, Mountaineering.
  • Karst Sports - Camping, Little bit of Climbing. Free catalog.
  • Tier One Outfitters - Backpacking, Climbing. No online shopping, tens and sleeping bags prices only.
  • Spiral Climbing Company - Rock and Ice Climbing equipment.
  • Starved Rock Outfitters - Rock and Ice Climbing equipment, Backpacking. Low prices, but minimal selection.
  • Rock-N-Rescue - Rock Climbing equipment. Has more caving stuff than most
  • Stanley Outdoor Products -Rock + Ice Climbing equipment.
  • Adventure 16 CA Store; They sell a lot of CAMP gear.


    You can look for online coupons on Just wRight Gifts, also on Flamingo World, Mega Deals , and Bargain World

    Sewing Accessories and Fabric Stores

  • Seattle Fabrics - Free Catalog, samples available.
  • Textile Outfitters - Specializing in outdoor Activewear.
  • Outdoor Wilderness Fabric - Online Store.
  • - Some articles on how to make your own gear.

    Gear Reviews

  • Views from The Top - A lot of reviews, grate page.
  • {New} Epinions - offers unbiased advice to help you make better buying decisions
  • Outdoor Review - Relatively new page, but they are building it fast.
  • Gear Reviews @ Gear Addict - Gear Reviews, never used it.
  • Backpacker - Some articles form the magazine on new gear.
  • The Gear Page - Also a new page. They have some reviews + links.
  • Link to dejanews site, where you can search newsgroups rec.climbing and alt.rec.hiking (use power search in the upper-right corner) for articles. Time consuming, but might be helpful.


  • Outdoor Classified
  • Free Outdoor Classified Ads
  • The Outdoor Want Ads
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