Rainier 2000; Dima Eremin' Group

Emmons Glacier, Summit Day

June 26

Morning of 27th
You can see Emmons Glacier and Camp Shurman, if you know where it is

Our leader Dima Eremin

Serezha i Sasha on their way up


Ilya Timofeyev

View of the Emmons Glacier

Taking a brake and waiting for other guys to rope-up

One more view of the Emmons Glacier



Dima going across a crevasse

- Emmons. Somewhere on Emmons
First one - Dima and Ilya
Second - Sergey, Sasha, Olya

Supposed to be a view of the crater

On the summit.
First picture (left to right) Dima Eremin, Olya Mirkina, Ira Zaks, Ilya Timofeyev, Sasha Mazurenko
Second - Sergey Mikhaylov joined us

Registering in the book

Olya Mirkina going thru an interview right on the rim of the crater (no kidding, it's true. And she got a job, by the way)

Sasha i Olya on their way down

Pictures of the Mountain, trail and flowers taken by Dima when he was running back to the White River Campground- Enjoy!!

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