Rainier 2000; Dime Eremin' Group

Kautz Glacier

July 2-4

Two ascents wasn't enough for Dima. He was extremely enthusiastic, so he talked me into climbing Rainier for the third time in a row. In the mean time smarter people created a support group for this climb and gave us their best wishes...

July 2

Warming up before the start on the parking lot on Paradise

It's a fox. Dima was chasing it for a while hoping for a nutritious dinner...

We setup a camp somewhere on the ridge at about 9200 feet. There are plenty of nice campsites all the way to the Camp Hazard (11000').
It's not exactly a perfect climbing weather...

July 3

Communicating with the support group

View onto the Nisqually Glacier
The weather is not getting any better
We canceled our first attept on the 3rd becasue of that and slept for about 14 hours. That's the kind of climbing I like!!

Dima Eremin
At about 1pm on the 3rd he all of a sudden asked me - "Why don't we go up right now?" Well, I agreed, but changed my mind very quickly and we turned back at about 10200'.

The weather is not getting any better and we did not have much to do, except for eating and sleeping.

Our camp

I think that Dima wanted to show how much he didn't want to get out of the tent

July 4

Getting ready for the next attempt
It's, probably, about 1 or 2am on the 4th

On the level of the Camp Hazard (Camp Hazard is somewhere on those rocks behind me)
Kinda cold...


Not a happy camper...

Somewhere on the technical part of Kautz, I think

More to come - Dima has to develop his last film....