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Wind River Range-2000

Roll 5: Hiking down Tourist Creek - Mountaineering part end - Grand Teton - sunset at Grassy Lake (Targhee National Forest)

Part 1

Refreshing! (in the lake 11085 ft.)

Yura by the waterfal in the Tourist Creek valley

The waterfall with 1/90 sec. exposure ...

... and with 1/300 sec. exposure

A cliff in the Tourist Creek valley

Crossing the Green River... and the consequences of one wrong step

We are back to Squaretop Montain and The Bottle

No matter what, but humans still are the most dangerous animals in the woods

The end of mountaineering part

------------------------ Separator

A long road home...

Grand Teton in good ...

... and bad weather

Grassy Lake near the south entrance to the Yellowstone

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