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Dmitry Eremin
Ерёмин Дмитрий Анатольевич

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Mt. Robson 09092001
Picture by M.Goldin

Some of my climbing photos and a "memory leak" или сказка о походе
Ski Montana 04
Picture taken by unknown with my camera

Marathon 10-10-2010
Picture by payed guy

ED & Marathons

Picture taken by unknown with my camera
Picture taken by unknown with my camera
20 лет спустя: Берлин 93 "Я себя под Лениным чищу" 94
Gradued from the Technological Institute
[ present name
Saint-Petersburg State Institute of Technology
worked as a chemist in research and in industry both in the ex-USSR and in the USA
Moved to the US in September of 1994
Enjoying my live in Chicago ever since.
Become a computer programmer in 1997 ( transfigured from a chemist )  
Окончил ЛТИ им. Ленсовета в 1984.
Работал химиком на производстве и в науке в СПб и в Чикаго.
Пререучился на програмиста в 97 году.
Топчу клаву, гружу базу.

Слеплено из подручного материала
Обновлено 27 августа 2013

All photos on this page by D. Eremin unless posted otherwise.

Dmitry Eremin