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Roll #3: Organ Pipe Cactus National Monument, AZ - Mexican Border in AZ and CA - Pacific Crest Trailhead - San Diego, CA - Los Angeles, CA - Las Vegas, NV


Part 1

One more teddy bear

This is how the US look from Mexico... Nothing special, really ;-)

But, of course - do not enter the border inspection!

The fence in 30 meters behind the tents is the border

Southern Terminus of Pacific Crest Trail... Just 2600 miles to Canada

State of the art trace detector - a dirt road and a bunch of old tires being dragged behind the car. And it actually works.

They welcomed us to San Diego

The Pacific was not very "pacific" (trust my scratches!)

Hollywood Walk of Fame (this star is for John Travolta)

And now let's go to Vegas!!!

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