Rainier 2000; Dima Eremin' Group

Approach to Liberty Ridge - Carbon Glacier

June 29

Just strarted on Carbo Glacier in the morning of 29th

There were some really impressive crevasses and it wasn't obvious what was the best way around them

Dima is jumping across a crevasse

It's sa pity that packs can not jump by themselves...

Now we have jump into the crevasse and ascend on the other side

Olya is leading across the "nose" - broken snow bridge
She had to downclimb, then graceful step to the left, couple of steps ua and she's putting a picket on the other side...

Sasha decided to minimize his potential energy and was sliding on his butt for a while

Taking packs across the crevasse

Is it going to make it here or not...?
Ice/snow fall on the Willis Wall

Ilya just got on top

Dima was going last cleaning up the route

Sasha's going across a suspicious snowbridge

Dima inside the glacier

Out goal is close...
Those rocks in front of us - beginning of the Liberty Ridge

Dima led the way and we're ascending on fixed rope onto the Liberty
Carbon is behind us...

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