Rainier 2000; Dima Eremin' Group

Liberty Ridge

June 29, 30

June 29

Beginning of the Liberty Ridge consists of very bad soft snow and loose rocks...
For those who did not get - that's Olya

Taking a brake in the beginning of LR

That spiky rock - Thumb Rock, campsite is right behind it

Olya almost at the campsite at Thumb Rock

June 30

Sunrize at Thumb Rock

Sergey Mikhaylov little bit above Thumb Rock

After Liberty Cap on our way down to Camp Shurman. For short while there was a clearing and we saw the Camp Shurman and believed in our salvation. You can see the real bad weather we had that day...

Sasha, Olya and Serezha

Dima Eremin's real happy about something

Descend on Emmons (the same way as in the previous climb)

White River Campground, Liberty's behind us

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