Rainier 2000; Dima Eremin' Group

Emmons Glacier, Approach to Shurman

June 25

Morning of 25th
Trail to Glacier Basin
Ira, Serezha and Ilya


Little bit above the Glacier Basin Campsite
Olya, Sasha and Serezha

Trail to Camp Shurman

Here you can see the St. Elmo's Pass - that where we're going to go when we climb Liberty
Olya i Sasha

Taking a brake on our way to Shurman
In the middle of a rather boring accent from Glacier Basin

Ilya; Still happy and without sunburns

Met some Russians

Very close to Camp Shurman, but we decided to rope-up
Olya, Sasha, Ilya
Camp Shurman
Here we met another group of our friends. Some of them were already down from the mountain by the time we got there, some of them were still descending...

Olya, Dima Sergeev and Sasha Kalinovsky

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