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Mount Robson Provintial Park

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Trip to: Mount Robson Provintial Park, BC, Canada

Itinerary:   Mount Robson Visitors Center (870 ) - Kinney Lake (1100 ) - Emperor Falls (1600 ) - Whitehorn Mountain (up to ~3000 m, class II, ascent stopped due to avalanche hazard on the key element and deteriorating weather) - Berg Lake - Robson Glacier - base camp under Extinguisher Tower (2000 m) - ascent on Resplendent Mountain (up to 3200 m, about class II, ascent stopped 200 vertical meters short of the summit due to severe storm) - Snowbird Pass (2600 m, walk-up) - Lynx Mountain (3192 , class III) - Berg Lake - Kinney Lake - Mount Robson Visitors Center.

Time:   July 11-24, 1998.

Miles driven:   ~4000 from Indiana, ~5000 from Toronto.

Participants from:  Russian Backpacking Club, Purdue Outing Club and MIT Outing Club.

These pages are simply the compilation of almost all (except for few of very bad technical quality) of the pictures that I took during this trip. So you may consider it some kind of photo diary.

The pictures are sorted according to the rolls of film they belong to. Inside every roll they are arranged in groups of dozen or so (in order to avoid very heavy and long-loading pages). Don't be disappointed if your browser doesn't show thumbnails too well - the quality of the scanned pictures themselves is relatively good. Well, as good as I managed manupulate my camera while taking them. Please don't shoot the pianist. Just click on thumbnails and see full size pictures.

From anywhere the click on the will bring you back to this page.

Links to other people's sites about this trip and to other resourses are at the end of this page.

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If you prefer to browse pictures off-line, here's the .ZIP archive of all the pictures. BEWARE! It weighs about 8.3 Mb. Within the archive the pictures are sorted into subdirectories, a roll per directory. The images are numbered with roll number and frame number (please note that the regular movement of film in my camera is from HIGHER numbers to the LOWER ones). All files with the names starting with "i" are the little thumbnails. All pictures are true color JPEGs at 72dpi resolution. The thumbnails are at 150x100 pixels, full size pictures (except a panorama) are at 600x400 pixels.

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Other participants pictures and information about our team

* Technical report about the trip by Vladimir Smirnov is available on the Club site.
* Great pictures by Vladimir Kelman (Russian transliteration only). One can truly see why pro photographers are using Photo-CD's!
* Of course, you may be interested in the homepage of the Russian Backpacking Club itself, the Russian Backpacker's Newsstand. The page is maintained by Vladimir Smirnov and contains information about our past trips and future plans.
* Purdue Outing Club, a very cool crowd of people. As usual, special thanks and our deepest gratitude to POC for all the Club gear that we checked out for this trip.
* MIT Outing Club. Thanks for the gear, too!

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