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Wind River Range-2000

Some of my favorite pictures

Not all of them, of course. I was torn apart between the desire to pick more of nice pictures, and the thought of keeping this page relatively small. In any case I would suggest looking at the full archive as well ;-).

Ebizness in Nebraska

Sleep-training, or the elemnts of 5.14

Sunset at Vista Pass

Panoramic view from Gannett Peak (leftÁ) till Mt. Whitecap (right) from the ascent on Vladimir Smirnov Memorial Pass

Mt. Solitude (12590 ft./ 3780 m) and lake 11085 ft.

Sunset at Mammoth Glacier

A cliff in the Tourist Creek valley

Squaretop Montain and The Bottle

But still humans are the most dangerous animals in the woods!

Grand Tetons during bad weather

Grassy Lake near Yellowstone South Entrance

Fishing Cone geyser. Water temperature in the funnel is 94oC (about 200F). Earlier one could catch a trout in the lake and cook it in the geyser without even taking it off the hook. Nowadays it is forbidden.

The colonies of algae and bacteria in hot springs

A chipmonk

The eruption of an ""

Multicolored bacterial colonies in the Grand Prismatic Spring

Nevermore times two

Different colors are due to different algae that live in waters of different temperatures

The elk

Climers on Devils tower

Devils Tower

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