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Russian Backpacker Club and Purdue Outing Club trip to Wind River Range, Wyoming, June-July 1997

If you can speak Russian, you can look at the KOI-8 or transliterated version of this page.

Trip Area:   Not far from Pinedale, WY (central Wyoming on the Continental Divide, about 100 miles north from the city of Rock Springs on I-80).

Itinerary:   Elkhart Park trailhead (~9400 ft) - Seneca Lakes - Indian Pass (12120 ft) - Knife Point Glacier - Fremont Glaciers - Helen Glacier - Elsie Col (~13000 ft) - Dinwoody Glacier - Bonney Pass (a.k.a Dinwoody Pass, ~12800 ft, one side climb) - Gannett Peak via Gooseneck Pinnacle and South ridge (13804 ft) - Glacier Pass (~12960 ft) - Mammoth Glacier - Mammoth Pass (~12500 ft) - Peak Lake - Shannon Pass (~11300 ft) - Fremont Crossing - Seneca Lakes - Elkhart Park trailhead.

This was the trip from the Russian Backpacking Club. It just so happened that Lev Gorenstein, the faculty advisor of the Purdue Outing Club and the member of the POC Michael Ponomarev are also co-founder and member of Russian Backpacking Club. So this was a joint trip ;-).

The people in the group were from all around the US and Canada. There was even one person who flew from Moscow (Moscow, Russia, not Iowa!) to join our group. Overall the trip took 10 days and we've covered about 100 miles of trails, rocks and snow. These pages are not the technical report, and you won't find any descriptions (sort of "climb one pitch straight up and then turn to the right") here. Of course, if you are planning the trip to this area, I'll be more than glad to give you my comments and suggestions by personal mail. But these pages are simply the compilation of all the pictures that I took during this trip - some kind of photo diary.

The pictures are sorted according to the rolls of film they belong to. Inside every roll they are arranged in groups of dozen or so (in order to avoid very heavy and long-loading pages). Don't be disappointed if your browser doesn't show thumbnails too well - the quality of the scanned pictures themselves is very good. Just click on the thumbnail and see the full size picture. The thumbnails are 150x100 full color JPEGs, and the scanned pictures are 600x400 full color JPEGs, all at 72 dpi.

At the end of this page you can find the collection of links to the pictures taken by other team members.

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Other people's pictures and information about our team

* The great photographic report by Anna Koulich from NYC. This is the only page (apart from my one) that is in English. All other pages about our trip are in Russian (by the way, you can check the Russian version of my page as well ;-)).
So, if you are not affraid of Russian, you can proceed here:
* Technical report with detailed description of the whole trip, as well as the pictures by Vladimir Smirnov from Toronto, Canada, our team leader and a leading co-founder of Russian Backpacking Club.
* Pictures by Michael Teterin from Boston
* Pictures by Julia Genyuk from Columbus, OH. These pictures were taken on the simultaneous less advanced trip (also from Russian Backpacking Club).
* Of course, you may be interested in the homepage of the Russian Backpacking Club itself, the Russian Backpacker's Newsstand. The page is maintained by Vladimir Smirnov and contains information about our past trips and future plans.
* It will be unfair not to mention the homepage of Purdue Outing Club, where I am the faculty advisor. I can not underestimate the help of my POC friends in getting all the gear we needed for this and previous trips. But, of course, gear is not the most important thing. The most important is the fact that this is a place with cool crowd of people that can't live without the outdoor life. If you are experienced, you will find your match and challenge, but even if you are just the beginner we'll teach you how to become experienced. So if you are at Purdue and happen to like any kind of outdoors activities, from deep caving to high altitude mountaineering - please join POC, and you will not regret.

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