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The picture gallery of all team members

All of us at the trailhead. Left to right: standing - Michael Teterin, Vladimir Smirnov, Anna Koulich, Alexander Balaeff, Irina Libova, Artem Kazantsev. Sitting - Michael Ponomarev, Dmitry Kartavenko, Lev Gorenstein, Dmitry Manin.  A picture from Michael Teterin's collection

Trip leader Vladimir Smirnov (Toronto, Canada).  A picture from Anna Koulich's photoreport

Anna Koulich (New York)

Irina Libova (Missouri)

Dmitry Kartavenko (Moscow, Russia)

Dmitry Manin (California)

Michael Teterin (Massachusets)

Alexander Balaeff (Illinois)

"Food manager" Michael Ponomarev (Indiana)

"Repairman" Artem Kazantsev (North Carolina)

"Medicine man" Lev Gorenstein (Indiana)

All those who summited Gannett Peak (13804 ft. as you might see on the back of the map). Left to right: Vladimir Smirnov, Lev Gorenstein, Alexander Balaeff, Irina Libova, Artem Kazantsev, Annna Koulich

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