San Miguel Mountains, Colorado – 2023

Our group came from a mountaineering trip to San Miguel Mountains, Colorado. We climbed:

Gladstone Peak, 13,913’ / 4,241 m, N Ridge Class 3, Grade II.
Wilson Peak, 14,017’ / 4,272 m, W Ridge, Class 3, Grade II.
Mount Wilson, 14,246’ / 4,342 m, NW Ridge, Class 4, Grade II.
El Diente, 14,159’ / 4,316 m, S Slope, Class 3, Grade II.

There was a lot of snow on El Diente, which made the route more difficult than expected.

Participants in alphabetical order:

Bukreyev (Greater Houston)
Denis Grishin (New Jersey)
Misha Kotov (Austin)
Oleg Shakhtmeyster (New York City)
Masha Tretiakova (Seattle)
Lesha Tumanov (San Antonio)
Rodion Turuikhan (Greater Houston)

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